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Designing your very own, custom made furniture can come across as a daunting task; however this does not necessarily have to be the case. Bespoke designs are an effective solution to being unable to find what you want from high street retailers. Although costly, bespoke furniture is custom made furniture produced at the highest of standards. Companies are experts in transforming a simple, basic idea in to a real life product.

As bespoke designs are custom made, they are made to measure, making furniture accessible in any area. It is important to consider details such as weather the piece of furniture would require fixtures and fittings or whether it will be free standing as such factors would need to be accommodated for. If it is something which you may consider moving around at a later date, it would be wise to have the piece of furniture built for freestanding use. Will the item need to adapt to different surroundings?


Bespoke Executive Office Furniture by Conquest UK

It is important to consider whether you will be renovating your home, extending or moving elsewhere when having the item of furniture produced; the more flexible you can leave it the better off you will be in the long term. It would also be wise to consider whether the unit will be used as storage or as a focal point in your home and whether it will serve a purpose, for example as a book shelf or wardrobe; this will affect the type of materials used to manufacture the item and ultimately determine how strong it would need to be. Be sure that the piece of furniture is not overwhelming and will fit the proportion of the room, well.

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bespoke furniture kitchen

Custom Furniture, The Bespoke Furniture Company

Bespoke furniture must always adapt well to its surroundings; people often have a tendency to place too much emphasis on its use rather than aesthetics, and as a result are often left standing with a useful yet unattractive piece of furniture dominating their home and clashing with the existing interior. Similarly, it would be pointless to have a piece of furniture custom made if it fails to provide you with any benefits such as storage.

dressing table

Dressing Table, The Bespoke Furniture Company

Due to the high quality materials used to produce custom made furniture, the chances are it will last you a very long time; this is why it would be wise to have something made that appears timeless. If you were to have something made that is in line with the latest trends, it is likely that you will want to get rid of the item sooner rather than later, essentially losing out on money. Creating a design that is not trend specific will make it adaptable to different environments as mentioned earlier. If you were to move house for example, you would not have to worry about the item fitting in with the interior you choose to have.


Oak Lounge, Neville Johnson furniture

If you find you have something specific in mind, or would like to imitate a particular design you have seen on television or in a magazine, it would be wise to collect images and materials of aspects that can inspire your design. Also, writing a list of what you like, why you like it and how you would like it, will help manufacturers to produce a like for like replica and getting as close as possible to your idea. Bespoke furniture can be anything customers desire, from dining room furniture to bedroom furniture sets and are generally produced as a result of failing to find a specific item from high street furniture shops.

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Custom Living Room, Neville Johnson furniture

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