Would you like to have an elegant home?

Though all of us possess different opinions about elegant decoration, there are certain principles, which can easily be identified and used by all of us for differentiating different levels of elegance decoration in homes. An exquisite home designed gracefully is your reflection and highlights your choice. Making your home elegant does not necessarily imply that you have to spend thousands of dollars. Creativity blended with imagination and a fair budget will do the trick.

First of all, you need to select a color scheme. Choose two or three colors as the main colors and add few complimentary colors to it. For instance, cream, beige and yellow may be the main colors and the complimentary shades could be darker and lighter shades of cream, beige and yellow such as ivory, brown, orange, etc.The main items of the room such as sofa, shelves, wall carpet, etc should always be done in the main colors so that they stand out.

Try to create a focal point of the room. The focal point should be a piece that stands out and draws attention immediately. It may be an unusual sofa, a wall with assorted pictures, an exquisite center piece, a modern art painting, etc. Assure that you just allow one piece to be the center of attraction as the elegance will be lost if the place starts appearing crowded.

Make it a habit to keep all sorts of clutter out of display. Clutter includes shopping catalogues, leaflets, mails, newspaper, stick out notes, etc. You may make a separate drawer to house these items. Moreover, for the other regular items, try to group them together so they maintain a unified and organized look. For instance, magazines and newspapers may be placed in a holder. Remote control may be placed in a basket on the table along with the keys, cosmetics and other accessories may be a placed in a glass tray on the table.

Select only exquisite and sensible items as decoration items according to the available area and the overall décor. For instance, If your home wears an old classic look, a treasure chest may simply look awesome which otherwise placed in a contemporary room will break the décor. In addition, items with attached memories also make stunning pieces as they impart the opportunity to initiate a conversation. For instance, a collage of your childhood pictures and that of your child.

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