Would You Like An Elegant Shower Curtain?

Elegant shower curtains determine your elegant bathroom themes. With so many different designs and styles to choose from it is sometimes hard to decide what will fit best with your room design.

It may surprise some of you that are used to shopping at the department stores that you can find a large variety of elegant shower curtains if you know where to look. It is also good to keep in mind that the most elegant of all the shower curtains are the ones made of fabric.

You should also realize most fabric shower curtains will need a liner that is sold separately to go behind them and the elegance of your new fancy curtain is there merely for display purposes. Don’t get me wrong fancy elegant shower curtains will do wonders for a dull boring bathroom.

Types of Elegant Shower Curtains

Fabric curtains are one of the most sought after for an elegant look. They come in all kinds of colors and patterns with just as wide a price range, which in turn helps to be able to pick one that matches your room’s decor. You can choose from a simple cotton one and a vinyl liner to more elaborate polyester that is water resistant. Any classy room should use fabric shower curtains because of the way it can enhance the room with its soft and attractive look. Many of the elegant shower curtains are coated to help them resist water, but I always recommend using a liner. It not only protects the curtain, but allows you to keep the shower curtain hanging on the outside of the tub and add to the look of the room.

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Vinyl is also an option that can be quite elegant if you choose the right one. It may be that you’re thinking that a vinyl shower curtain is far from being elegant, but with all of the new fancy designed vinyl curtains out there some of them truly are elegant looking. Many of them can fit into virtually any bathroom without really looking like they are a sore thumb. They are easy to clean, are water resistant and can come with almost any design you wish printed on them. Another great thing about them is the fact that mold or mildew has a very hard time forming on them due to the smooth surface.


One of the better options is to use elegant shower curtains made of polyester. It’s not like it was years ago when polyester was a really bad choice due to the drab look of them, nowadays you can find them in all sorts of different designs. Even though some designers still shun them in my opinion there are many polyester shower curtains you can choose that are elegant.

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    1. I have been tracking that shower set for 3 years now. It’s made by Foter, and they no longer stock it.
      If you know where I can get that particular set, since I’ve been tracking it for so long, please let me know.
      Usually when I see this image, it’s been swiped by someone who likes it, too, but they won’t say where they got it from.

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