Wood – Warmth and Harmony For Your Home

Wood has always been a popular building material for the simple reason that its beauty adapts to time and changing styles and tastes. Wood furnishings are simple and modern, giving your décor a stylish edge. Wood design works beautifully as a solo or matching piece. Comfortable, warmth and harmony, those words are the feeling what wood gives our surroundings. Since then wood is widely used as a material whether furniture, building material or craft. The invention of wood as contemporary furniture by it means the design transforms the living space more welcoming.

Contemporary home furnishings are simple and modern, giving your décor a stylish edge. Wood design works beautifully as a solo or matching piece.


Wood as a natural material has got in contrast to those materials a great advantage. Unlike other building materials wood is a renewable raw material. When the timber is produced from the tree,a new tree grows again during the lifetime of this material.


Wood is a material with very heterogeneous properties. Various types of wood, kinds of growth, aging, core, surface layer of wood and other ambient conditions offers a great range of biological, technical and optical properties. These features can meet the requirements which are the wooden building parts asked.


Today, a very popular solution is to design, based on the truss system and are exposed beams. If the house is brick or is it an old mansion, the beams need to wear out a little in visual terms. For the new wooden house to apply the technology does not make sense. In this family tree creates a special comfort and convenience, nicely complement the interior billiard room and gym.


A lot of interesting decisions in creating the interior can be found by applying the method of contrast. For example, in the hallway, trimmed with yellow pine pitch, all doors must be painted in a darker color. Floor covering is desirable to make the squares, the colors, which will alternate: light to rich brown. As a result of a rigorous geometric interior of all its forms.

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For surface finishing of wood is often used this technique as toning. Use enamel paints for wooden surfaces, to lose the aesthetics of interior space for the tree. When tinting applied surface treatment, which remains visible structure of the tree.


So, what is deeply wrong are those who argue that the surface of the wood does not give a chance for the development of creative designers. It is here, using modern technology, you can show your bright personality and enjoy working with natural materials.


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