Wood Decor Adds Uniqueness To A Home

A home featuring traditional wood crafts, folk art and hand-carved furniture exemplifies a unique style of beauty of interior design. Whether you proudly display family heirlooms or collectibles gathered throughout the years, the addition of wood as a classic backdrop throughout your home will set the stage for these historic treasures and enhance your home’s sense of warmth and style.

Here are some tips for adding wood decor to your home:

1. Start with the entrance. An impressively detailed, hand-carved wood door will set the tone before anyone even takes a step into your home. A stately carved wood door informs those entering the home of your own personal style.


Craftspeople in Jaipur, India, hand carved the delicate rosettes on this low-lying solid mango wood table, which takes its original inspiration from a ceremonial stool used by Bamileke royalty in the African country of Cameroon. – $299.00, west elm

2. Include interior decorative wood pieces. From windows, doors and furniture to clocks and artwork, decorative pieces are available in the wood species and style of your choice. Many of these pieces are still being created by hand. Artisans utilize their skills to replicate the exquisite works of old-world craftsmen, as well as create new, original designs. Craftsmen construct each piece individually, often choosing and planing the lumber themselves to bring out the true beauty of the wood.

3. Create your own style. Continue your wood theme throughout your home when selecting moulding, cabinetry and any additional woodwork. Using the same species all through your home creates a truly harmonious, classic feel. Or, use a blend of species by coordinating two or three different types of wood to create a varied, somewhat eclectic look.

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From maple, pine and oak to mahogany and rosewood, these woods complement each other and promise an exotic design that will add interest and character to each room.

4. Mix and match old with new. When decorating, match hand-carved wood items with factory-built accents, which are stylish yet economical. Handcrafted tables, cedar chests and armoires blend seamlessly with manufacturer-made wood picture frames, clocks and candlesticks. Mixing in your antique treasures will add that final touch, giving your home the individuality you desire and a proud display of your prized possessions.



Shanti Coffee Table, Pottery Barn


Magyar bakers at farmhouses in Hungary and other Eastern European countries used these hand-carved, antique wooden bowls to make bread each morning. – $199.00 – $249.00, Pottery Barn


Carved wood bird, $19.50, Pottery Barn


Crafted of lathe-turned solid mango wood, candleholders pair refined shapes with rustic grain and texture. Each size has a unique shape, and a natural color brings the collection together. – $24.00 – $44.00, Williams-Sonoma


Reclaimed Wood Accent Cabinet. This distressed taupe piece features two door creating plenty of space for storing essential items. With knocker style handles on the front and constructed of solid wood this cabinet will create a warm inviting feel to your room. – $532.99, Brookstone


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