Winter Home Organizing

In a cold winter days your home will be warm, but it is very often that it lack of natural light. Without the natural light, people become less productive and melancholic. That’s the main reason for the re-organizing of your home according to the winter season.

Winter is a wonderful season when the old stuff can be discarded and new beginnings await. Start with making a thorough inspection of the house and note stuff that needs to be given more attention.If you still haven’t done it, it is the last moment to do that and we have a few tips that keep your home organized:


Clean and organize the kitchen

Clean the worktops,
– Put all spices on one place,
– Check all your food supplies in order to avoid the vermins,
– Set up nice and clean eating area,
– Enrich your diet with a natural-grown ingredients.


Make your rooms warmer

– Try to use warmer color shades and soft cushions and throws to make your home comfortable,
– Try to use warm color scheme even in the bathroom,
Clean fireplaces and stoves,
– On the table keep the bowl of apples, oranges and other fruits in warm colors,
– Remove all unnecessary things that block the entrance to the house. All you don’t need for the winter put away in garage, shed or pantry.


Be prepared to spend more time in the house

– Clean the writing table in the study room,
– If you have a lot of papers, sort them in the neat boxes,
– Keep your favorite books and magazines somewhere where you can easily reach them.

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Say goodbye to old stuff, say hello to the new one

– Clean the medicine cabinet and throw away all the medicine that expired,
– Recycle old newspapers and magazines,
– Don’t forget your wardrobe – the clothes that you will not wear anymore you can always give away.



Adopt appropriate seasonal habits

– Turn around your mattress, so you can avoid to sleep in the same place and the same position. It is good for your back!
– Clean and check your car,
– Take care of the lightning in the house, so you would not lack of light during the winter time.






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