Window Treatments – Creating Illusions With Curtains

Planning to make some window treatments design for light of your home interior design? Windows come in all sizes, shapes and construction. You can create illusions using standard curtains or other window dressings available today. For windows treatment long drapes are more formal, short curtains tend to be more casual. You can windows treat using different styles to add to your interior decorating, such as country, with wide tidebacks and ruffles.

Traditionally, windows were treated to three types of curtains : a sash curtain (to filter light), a draw curtain (to block out light), and an over-drapery (which was purely decorative and is now just called a drapery). In very formal rooms (with sufficiently high ceilings), all of this was topped with a cornice or valance (to hide the hardware). This traditional windows treatment carries on today in period or very formal or dressy rooms.

The modern tendency is to think of curtains as sash curtains (often unlined and in a variety of lengths), and draperies (never drapes) as those that draw, completely closing off the window.

Another modern move is to drape and swag fabric loosely over a decorative rod or pole, in a nod to conventional valances and swags. Often, swags serve no function, but earn their keep by looking dramatic.

Curtains can help the following problems:

1. Small window – extend the rod beyond the window frame. This will create the appearance of a larger window. More light will filter through the opening.

2. Large window – Attach your rod in the normal position. Try using tiebacks on the curtains. Use a valance.

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3. Short/Tall windows – For short windows attach your rod above the window frame. Taller windows will appear shorter if you use a draped valance. It will soften the window.

4. View – If your purpose is to hide the view, match the window color to your wall covering. It will reduce attention to the window.

5. Maximizing light. Mount draperies, shades, and other window coverings so they clear the glass areas completely when they’re open, and you won’t lose any light from those windows.

Today there are so many choices – a range of vertical blinds, miniblinds, wood blinds, shades of all types companies like Hillarys Blinds. You can keep it simple or layer the materials. Investigate the choices before you finish your room. If you give this some forethought, you can design your area to allow for changing window dressings each season.



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