Wild & Beautiful Wallpaper From East To West Coast

Boston: This is a stellar example of how well tone on tone pattern layering can work. The strict palette begins on the walls and carries over to the sofa, patterned pillows (and even the kiddie’s clothes!). The peppy pattern lifts what could possibly be a too-monochromatic, too-gray paper and makes it into a positive, light-hearted addition to the room.


Philadelphia: The just-bit-retro (sort of late 60’s?) vibe make this blues-based paper (that the homeowners sourced on eBay) interesting . It’s got a great palette of dark yet saturated colors arranged in a poppy, upbeat, almost floral-esque geometric pattern. It has a just slightly old fashioned feel that make it accessible, but the scale of the pattern keeps it fresh.


New York: Not surprisingly, the example of NYC style when it comes to wallpaper is a clever, just slightly subversive take on very traditional decor. Classic patterns get blasted into overdrive when they are mixed with lime green trim and applied to both the walls and the ceilings. Brave and beautiful!


New York: Another great example from the same NYC couple, same home, different tour. This bedroom is all about pattern on top of pattern on top of pattern and it really works, thanks to the designers’ deft eye for scale color and composition. Again, as above, incorporating patterns from classic decor helps to make this very modern approach feel timeless.


Oklahoma City: As we move into the Midwest, on the cross country wallpaper tour, things go black and white. This classic all-over floral pattern is a bit oversized and packs a punch, due to the high contrast. This is a look that absolutely could be toned down with soft color accents, or go in wilder direction, as Beth, this homeowner, did. She took it up a notch by using it a a backdrop for eclectic artwork in a mix of super-bright colors.

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Chicago: Wallpaper doesn’t need be feature ultra modern colors or patterns to be a strong design statement. This romantic, very vintage inspired paper is still big , bold and memorable, even though the colors are quiet and the motif reminiscent of an earlier era.


West Hollywood: As we hit the West Coast, here is another take on a familiar black and white pattern. Slightly smaller in scale and a touch less flower-inspired than the midwest installation, this image shows off how great this type of high contrast pattern works as as part of great style/era mashup. The baroque-inspired wallpaper mixes easily with mid-century classic furniture and lighting, as well as the clearly contemporary large format photograph as the artwork in the room.


Portland: It doesn’t get much more classically “wild” when it comes to wallpaper than a tropical inspired pattern. No one would categorize this paper as shy or retiring, but its strict green and white palette and strong vertical repeats , in combination with the dramatic dark ceiling, gives it a bit of gravitas at the same time.


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