Where to Get Bargains on Patio Furniture?

If dressing up your patio isn’t enough and you really want to get some patio furniture on a tight budget, there are some places that you can shop where you can get great bargains on high quality patio furniture. The answer is that you have to think outside the box and expand your patio furniture horizons. Here are some locations to get good buys on furniture that you probably never even thought of.

Garage and yard sales.

Getting up early on weekend mornings to make the rounds at the local garage and yard sales might not be something routine for you. However, if you get up early enough and get to these sales before the other bargain hunters, you can most probably get fabulous bargains on patio furniture or even some used furniture that you can use as patio furniture. Remember, almost any piece of furniture can be used as patio furniture. It’s up to your own creativity and imagination.


Outlet stores and closeout stores.

Although the outlet and closeout stores don’t usually advertise them, most of the time, they have at least some outdoor furniture at significant discounts, sometimes as much as half or even more, off the usual retail cost. Having said so, you must be ready to pay on the spot and then arrange your own transportation because these stores usually don’t offer delivery service.


Party rental businesses.

Did you know that most party rental businesses are willing to put up for sale previously used furniture at a discount? It’s real even though they don’t advertise it. Party rental businesses need to constantly have the latest styles and designs to keep their customers happy. That translates to piling of old furniture stocks which they need to get rid off. You can most likely get great deals on used patio and outdoor furniture if you go to these businesses and enquire about buying their old furniture.

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Go to some local auctions. You may discover unexpected bargains on patio furniture. Look out for liquidation auctions where stores or restaurants are closing where they need to get rid of all of their equipment and furnishings. Sometimes, you can pick up gently used wrought iron or heavy wooden patio furniture for just pennies. You have to be on the alert and persistent to get great deals at auction but it can only be done when you have patience.

0704 Selection of wicker patio furniture

Social networking sites.

Do you belong to any sites like Friendster, Facebook or MySpace? Post a short message on your profile saying you are looking for patio furniture and the type of furniture materials you prefer and how much you are willing to spend.

Also, you may also post a message on Craig’s List for your area. Word spreads like wild fire on those sites and in no time you will receive messages from people from your area, who have furniture to sell or give away.

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