What To Do With A Too Big Living Room?

What to do with a too big living room? Usually people think that the small spaces are difficult to design, but sometimes an extra space could cause similar problems.
If you wonder how to fill in the huge living room, or what to do with wide walls and high ceilings, we can offer you a few solutions.

1. Use the partitions. This is a nice solution for too big living rooms. Choose the partitions that allow you to see the other part of the room, such as glass panels or shelves. In this way you will visually separate different parts of the room, but the space will still feel as the whole.


2. Have a large windows. Large windows are perfect for wide walls and high ceilings. They cover the walls and ‘decorate’ interior with a natural surroundings. This is a great way to harmonize exterior and interior of your home. Additionally, a large windows will allow a lots of daylight in the room.


3. Grow tall house plants. The advantage of the big living room can be possibility to grow tall plants, which you won’t be able in ordinary size room. The huge pot with a plant can be set up in the middle of the room, or next to the stairs. Your room will look fresh and the whole space will get a new dimension.


4. Replace sofas with an elegant ottomans. The ottomans are not only suitable for bedrooms. They can look excellent in a large living room, especially if their design is unique and imaginative. The ottomans are very good replacement for small sofas, and are practical and look very sophisticated in a large living space.


5. Have a corner sofa. The corner sofas are another excellent choice for a large rooms. They fit well and allows a lot of sitting space, which is always great if you have a big family or guests. Despite their name, they can be set up in the middle of the room and, in that way, divide a large space to make it more homely and pleasant.

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6. Have a big coffee table. Usual coffee table can be replaced with the one of bigger dimensions. This table will suit better to proportions of the room. We can suggest to have a table in colors that will blend to the rest of the room. That is a good way to optically fill the space.





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