Wall Art: How To Make Lovely Patchwork Wall?

Patchwork often evokes a sense of nostalgia and memories. Doing patchwork wallpaper means each piece is very manageable and the end result can be amazing. Give it a modern spin by choosing just one wall in a room – alcoves or chimneybreasts work well – and covering it with scraps of wallpaper. Like traditional fabric patchwork, this idea has far more resonance if patterns with sentimental value – the paper from your childhood bedroom or first married home, for example – are included in the mix. The best thing about a patchwork wall, particulalry if you are using vintage wallpaper pieces, is that you are coming up with the design. You’re not going to find the look anywhere else, and it can hold all the elements you want in it.

Time to complete job: Anywhere from a few hours to a day, depending on how creative you want to be.

Approximate budget: 30 GBP without the stepladder.


Step 1: Pick a colour scheme

Decide on a rough colour scheme and plan how you will cover the space, distributing strong colours, patterns and different sizes throughout. How precisely you work is a matter of personal style and temperament – perfectionists will do a trial run with Blu-tac and use a plumb line to ensure all the verticals are straight, while others will be happy to stick as they go.


Step 2: Paste patches together

Paste small patches of pattern at a time, butting the edges neatly against one another and cutting pieces to fit wherever necessary. Keep checking your progress by standing well back to see how it looks.

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Step 3: Take in the effect

Sit back and take some time to absorb the complete your wall art. Other variations you could try for a patchwork wall include using postcards, cartoons, book jackets, sheet music or even maps.

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