Wabi-Sabi Apartment In Moscow by Decolieu

Wabi-Sabi Minimalist Apartment in Moscow with interior inspired by Japanese aesthetic and is a game of dark and light contrasts. It’s done in quite a minimalist style but features some vintage furniture and an amazing custom-made low curved ceiling made of lime and wax. Besides there are thin layers of marble on the walls that add some luxury to this living space. The apartment with high ceilings is designed by Andrey Gorozhankin of Russian design studio Decolieu.

This East European contemporary interior example lets the winter season possesses bright winter interior design. The result of Wabi-Sabi project keeps the interior design development of East European area in goof interior design progress of contemporary interior design development. This Wabi-Sabi beautiful interior design is a great reference.

Wabi-Sabi, the Japanese aesthetic is the ability to perceive beauty in its essence. Simplicity without extravagances. Harmony of natural materials. The Japanese used to live in houses made of wood and paper. They endured cold because they felt it was necessary to stay connected to the outside world, to remain a part of the environment. A Japanese architect Shigeru Ban is still building with carton and metal.


For this project we chose to use thin layers of marble for the walls and plaster made of lime and wax for the ceiling. The latter is a naturally white composition. It is a very expensive and labor-intensive material that emphasizes the beauty and poetic imperfection of nature’s texture. Still, we regard wood as the most precious material. It is alive, organic, in some way our relative that we are always glad to see.

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The accent pieces in oak are provided by a Russian designer Yuri Ryntovt. These are unique pieces, there are never two of the kind. Stripped of bark the walnut boards look at the same time rough and refined, posing both as sculptures and pieces of furniture.


Every single material that we used evidences our belief that an eco-friendly home is defined not by its style but by its philosophy. We add nothing to this world and we will take nothing away. But it is in our power not to disturb the existing harmony.


Initially it was a relatively small 80 square meter mansard apartment with high ceiling. We introduced a second floor, a mezzanine: a metallic construction suspended by thin pipes from the mansard girders. This solution provided for extra 50 m2 with two children’s rooms and a bathroom meanwhile the first floor was divided into a dining room/living room, a study, a master bedroom with a wardrobe, a kitchen, and two bathrooms (one used also as a laundry room).



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