Vitrages In Living Space

Vitrage (a stained-glass window) is a separate decorative element in interior. It can be a bright and stylish addition in your apartment appearance. Stained glass in windows will create a play of coloured light in space, and a small vitrage inset will thoroughly change your room. The base glass of the future vitrage is painted with special vitrage oils which do not demand burning. Use of this technology does not have any limitation on the place of the picture and its complexity.

Very interesting is the application of Feng Shui principles for creating and using vitrages. In many urban blocks there are side doors directed to a neighbouring block. If such a door is quite visible from a neighbour’s window, the host always wants to make the door secure against others’ looking in. But to protect oneself from others’ curiosity, replacing simple glass in the door with coloured glass is enough. The same can be done with window glasses.

Coloured glass will support harmony of elements in a lodgement, bring fresh vigour into a dark room and literally transform it. Vitrages are extraordinarily beautiful and fit to glaze windows in practically all rooms. A modern office assumes the application of vitrages, taking into account Feng Shui principles.

Stained glasses give you the possibility of secluding yourself without depriving you of sunlight, help you to create a harmonious environment, to form a positive, optimistic mood, and this will positively affect employees’ capacity for work and the company’s work on the whole.

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