Vintage Bathroom Design

Vintage Bathroom Design – Porcelain tile floors, art decor light fixtures, built in linen cupboards and a hot water heated tile bar are some of the items that could typically be seen in a bathroom that has been converted to the vintage motif.

Coloring in the bathroom design are often green or pink as these are the colors that were used in the vintage era. These are considered to be retro nineteen twenties colors. This gives a strong sense of what bathrooms were like in those days. White wall hung sinks look the part in conjunction with all the other accessories in the bathroom. Add to this selected polished chrome faucets. Plumbing can be left visible or concealed as per the homeowners choice.



For the floor homeowners could choose tiles that are white porcelain with geometric accents done in black. The nineteen twenties often had tiles in a hexagonal shape. This was especially popular in this era.


In the nineteen twenties it was very fashionable to have art decor lighting. Today this look can be recreated when refurbishing the vintage bathroom design. These geometric shapes are considered to inspirational from a decorative and architectural point of view. Adding dimmers will serve to further accentuate the retro look of that era.

Hot water heated towel bars are considered to be very vintage in this kind of bathroom. The make great additions to vintage baths in any retro redecorated bathrooms. Homeowners can then look around to find small paintings that hailed from that era to grace the walls with. The finished product will look really vintage and will give a totally new bathing experience for the inhabitants of the home.

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