Vases Add Fashionable ‘Something’ To Any Room

Many people like to decorate their home in an Oriental fashion, even if it is just one or two rooms rather than their entire home. There are many oriental home accents to be found online or in flea markets and antique or oriental stores, and a very wide range functional and ornamental items of home décor such as vases.

Oriental vases range in price and style from the ancient dynastic pieces, such as the Ming vases we have all heard about, to reproductions of these and original modern pieces of oriental art. Most are ceramic, but you can also get metal Chinese vases, such as a beautiful genuine brass and pure jade vase available online right now, measuring 7 inches high and about 2.5 inches wide. Imported from China, elegant pieces such as this will complement any form of home décor and make excellent additions to oriental home accents in your house.


Modern copper vases

Among the more traditional types of ceramic vase you will find slim-line 14.5 x 4 inch or 17 x 4 inch plain or wavy vases in red and white patterns, or a smaller 10″ black and gold vase to suit almost any home décor elements you are using. Not all vases are Oriental, of course, and there is a massive range of vases that you can find online to suit just about any home accents you are currently using or home décor you intend for the future.


Chinese porcelain black & gold decorated vase

Patio and conservatory vases. One beautiful and impressive example is thin-necked metallic floor-standing vase, suitable for use as a flower vase. Decorated in burnished black and red and standing six feet high and 16 inches wide, this is an impressive piece and ideal for a large entrance hall or conservatory. This is ideal for any home décor, particularly if you are using modern home accents or colors that would suit the black and red in the vase.

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Decorative outdoor Roma vases with oil pot insert

Another unique article of home décor, particularly suitable for a patio, conservatory or rustic kitchen, is a pair of courtyard metal flower vases, crafted in a Spanish style and standing 46 inches and 33 inches respectively. These are largish pieces, not suitable for small areas, but they are very imposing and suitable for an outdoor style of home décor with Spanish home accents or would even look great on a patio fitted with an outdoor kitchen or large barbecue island.


Another idea for modern for a house with modern home accents and contemporary décor are metallic vases that can be used to hold large floral displays. One that is available online right now is a copper sphere with a trumpet top, measuring 18 x 16 inches. The genuine copper has a spiral pattern engraved on it, and a second idea is 19 inch x 16 inch solid hammered aluminum vase that can also be used for large floral displays in a contemporary home décor setting.


Chinese vases with fruits

Contemporary vases for modern home décor. All of these home accents are vases suitable for outdoor use or for conservatories and halls because they are either large or are imposing. For more modern home décor you can find a whole series of solid polished aluminum vases in a number of shapes including crescent moons, globes, fans and curved and concave shapes, including a pair of contemporary 23 inch and 17.5 inch tall vases with beautiful slim necks, and bases with a hole right through their center.

Royal Copenhagen

Axel Salto ceramic vases, Royal Copenhagen Denmark

These home accents are truly beautiful if in the right setting – but they must be displayed with other contemporary home décor. The same is true of many other forms of contemporary vase: they look great in the store, but unless your home has similar decorative elements as the store, then it may look out of place. An example of that is a solid aluminum ‘pinched vase’. It looks like a regular 10 x 8 x 3.5 inch vase, only it has a pinched handle in the form of a hole half way down one side.

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vases3 glass-vases

That would look great in a contemporary setting, but out of place in anything more traditional. The same is true of a 24 inch black porcelain vase with white chrysanthemums – only the other way round. This would great with traditional home décor, but would not fit in well with most modern home accents or themed rooms.

Holmegaard vases

Holmegaard glass vases

Vases have more uses than just to hold flowers, one of these being simply to complement home décor and add a focal point or conversation piece to a conservatory or a patio. Some vases are small, just a few inches high, while others are imposing, and too much for the average indoor room.

polished aluminum vases

Polished aluminum vases

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