Using Stripes In The Interior Design

Using Stripes In The Interior Design – As much as we come across various styles in interior design – upholstery, curtains, paints and wallpaper – we cannot resist stripes that can currently be seen everywhere: on clothes, signs, furniture, walls.

What is attractive in stripes is their versatility, cost and impression which is really easy and very powerful. By using them, we can emphasize or ‘hide’ a certain element of our space. Whether you use them in the traditional or completely modern and contemporary way, using stripes is a great idea to avoid the monotony of your space. They have the ability to re-shape the room, depending on how they are used, and best of all, they fit into any living space.


The stripes can be used in endless ways – vertically, horizontally, with thin or thick stripes or in combination of various width and color. You can create a real art pieces on the walls using the stripes. The most important thing is the idea that will make you happy living with.

Vertical stripes are traditional way that was used in the 19th century. Vertical stripes create the illusion of high ceiling. Tone-on-tone color scheme (such as cream and white or two shades of the same color) create a gentle and classic look. More contrast in color and shape of the stripes creates more powerful impression.


Horizontal stripes are contemporary ‘invention’ in the interior design. They give the sense of wider and longer interior space. Can be used in combination of different width and colors.

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Stripes on the wall are features that give the interior contemporary and original look. With the right choice of colors may change the interior radically. For example, black and white stripes in combination with black and white furniture and the white fireplace in the middle of the room, will give an elegant and sophisticated look.


In bedrooms, our recommendation is usage of gentle and neutral colors that make us feel relaxed. Many people consider those colors as boring, but when they are used in vertical stripes, the room will become relaxing and enjoyable sanctuary.
There is nothing as interesting walls in the hallway. Blue-white horizontal stripes or zig-zag combination on the floor, are perfect for the narrow hallways. They give the unique touch to the space that not allows too much furnishings.









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