Using Everyday Objects As Home Decor

Using Everyday Objects As Home Decor – When decorating your home on a budget, nothing is a more effective budget decorating strategy than using what you have. You can use everyday objects found around your own home to add decorative elements. Here are the top five ways to reuse everyday objects as decorative items in any room, on a budget.

Plates. Lets’ face it, when most of us choose our dinnerware, we pick out patterns we like! Use your dessert plates as accents hung on the wall, or use your serving bowls as a focal point on the dining table.


Sheets, quilts and blankets. Raid your linen closet for no cost ways to add spark to your tables or walls. Layer them with tablecloths or placemats for a romantic look. Use them as casual slipcovers. Cloth napkins or fancy pillowcases make great throw pillow covers.

Books. Most of us own a wide variety of books. Use them! Use a stack to prop up a table lamp, or lay out a few with attractive covers on your coffee table. Use them on your mantel, or display your cookbooks in the kitchen. If you have a bookcase, leave some in rows, some in short stacks, and leave some space in between book groupings for a plant, a picture frame, or a display plate. (See above!)

Glassware. Fill a wine glass with a little sand and a votive candle or use a row of matching drinking glasses all filled with flowers on a windowsill. Mugs, sugar bowls, and creamers all make perfect impromptu vases, pencil holders for the home office, or utensil caddies for the kitchen or dining area.

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Pots and pans. Make an inexpensive pot rack with 2×4 pine, some screws and some pieces of chain from your home improvement store for under $10. Display your pots and pans and your bread baskets, and create extra storage space at the same time.

You don’t always need to spend big money to redecorate your interiors, sometimes its just a matter of recognizing the quality everyday objects you already own!






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