Update Your Kitchen Space

Are you planning to update your kitchen space with one of the season’s stylish colors? If so, why not consider color accents in hot colors such as blue, blazing orange or meadow green? These shades will help lighten up the area without bringing in too much color.

To get you started, you should first create a neutral backdrop and then start removing any mismatches. Don’t forget to add in some art pieces and accessories to avoid a dull kitchen space. Whether you choose to create your own curtains or purchase some of your add-ons from shops, introducing a striking color will certainly update up your kitchen space.


Spruce up some storage

The countertop items shouldn’t have to take up too much space in your food preparation area. Those storage boxes can have dual purpose when painted with a vivid color. All you need to do is purchase wooden boxes from craft supply shops and paint them with your chosen shade.

Make sure to label each of these boxes and then fill them with things that you don’t normally use everyday such as candy molds and cookie cutters. You may also add a burst of color to these accessories by stacking them next to your cookbooks.


Add colors to your kitchen walls

It’s time to pay close attention to your walls by adding some artistic color touches. This time you have to pick a bold color such as fuchsia and then choose a stencil that will go along with your decor. What’s great about these stencils is that they come in stylish designs like ornate damask and Florentine scrolls.

Go ahead and tape the stencil up and dab on the acrylic paint using a sponge. You can also use movable stickers because you can easily remove and re-stick in case you don’t like the final look.

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Add some plants

If you want an inexpensive way to bring in some botanical colors indoors, you can go ahead and start putting some plants inside your kitchen. To add some color, you can paint the pots with shades like lemongrass or sunflower and then finish them off with stylish stripes. When it comes to choosing plants, make sure to pick a trim that would go well with your kitchen decor.


Add some drama to your kitchen space…

To add more color to your kitchen space, you can bring those plates out and hang them on the walls as art pieces. You can also use plate hangers in order to create a round grouping. Setting the dishes on plate stands and placing them along the windowsill will also help add flavor and spice to your breakfast nook.



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