Universal Design Of The Chiavari Chairs

Universal Design Of The Chiavari Chairs – The Chiavari chair was originally designed by a cabinet maker in Italy. The simplistic and beautiful design quickly gained popularity, and soon after many factories in China and America began manufacturing the chairs. The Chiavari chair has gained widespread popularity in part due to its universal design. The chairs are easily used in contemporary, traditional, and formal event settings. With horizontal and vertical lines implicated in the look, many event designers add sashes in a variety of ties to further customize the chair.

Chiavari chairs are truly the perfect event chair. Available in a variety of colors and cushion colors, they blend to virtually any aesthetic. The most popular color choices are gold, silver, and mahogany, with black, white, and clear beginning to break the surface.


In many parts of the country, you can find a rainbow of colors including hot pink, lime green, natural, and canary yellow.

The price of these chairs have also attributed to their popularity. Depending on the area, you can rent Chiavaris for anywhere from $3.75-$9.50. Adding extras such as colored cushions and sashes will raise the cost. However, most companies include a standard cushion in white, black, or ivory, which blends well to almost any decor.

chiavari-chair3 chiavari-chair4

Event planners, caterers, and rental companies alike are fans of the Chiavari chair because of its elegant design, lightweight structure, and because they are easily stacked. These wedding and party professionals can typically assist you in deciding which Chiavari chair is best for your occasion.

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A good rule of thumb to decide color is to choose the overall theme of your design. Most color palettes include a metallic based color, such as gold or silver, or a wood tone, like mahogany. This attributes to these colors being the most widely used in chair rentals. With the upcoming trend in black and white weddings and acrylic elements, the color availability of Chiavari chairs is extremely important.

chiavari-chairs-gold chiavari-chairs-gold1

chiavari1 chiavari

Therefore, if you are having a traditional or common color scheme, you most likely can’t go wrong with silver or gold. When in doubt, choose the color that matches the tone most used in your decor.



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