Unfinished Style Of Family Room

Painting is not the absolute case. Whitewash only cement wall makes the family room look more simple, but still unique. The combination of paint is not an absolute thing to make the family room more beautiful and interesting. Unfinished surfaces seem industrial but fit right in with modern’s celebration of purity of materials. The wall is only coated with a layer of cement without the use of paint makes the family room appear more modest, but still remains unique and interesting. As a reference you can use the following family room for example.

Maybe you will be surprised and confused when he saw the family room is just coated with cement without using paint, and maybe you’ll wonder why homeowners are not using paint to coat the family room. As of this question will surely arise when you enter this family room. Indeed, this family-style room unfinished, meaning that there are some elements that are left seemed not yet completed.


One of them is a wall, which left only the coated using cement. Views such as this remove the impression of rigid and seemed more relaxed. Natural and simple impression is also very pronounced in this family room, because the homeowner does not play a lot of color, there is only white on the floor, ceiling, and some white some furniture.


But you have to be careful when deciding just use a layer of cement on the walls of the family room, if not exactly the view like this can make us get bored quickly because of monotony. The solution, place the elements of refreshment, such as green plants or a little color for the accessories.

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NR002 02 Living room in loft style factory conversion with concrete floors and painted brick wall

Usually if we just apply a layer of cement to coat the walls will cause a dark impression, for the problems this one can be tricked to install the corpulent windows that get sun for the room look bright. As we can see in this picture, the room was so bright and open as it is surrounded by a wide window. The room with the unfinished style like this, more save money to buy paint, so we can use our money for other things.

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