Types Of Treatments For A Sliding Glass Patio Door

There are many attractive choices to help you integrate your patio sliding glass door into the rest of your décor. One of the most popular types of window treatments for sliding glass doors is vertical fabric blinds. These are a very modern choice, which can be customized in a variety of ways to ensure that your door operates properly after your window treatments are installed.

You can have your vertical blinds open all to one side, or you can have them open so that half of the blind moves to the right and the other half moves to the left. This is known as ‘opposite draw’ or ‘opposite stack’ and is a very popular option. You can even choose the ‘center stack’ option, which allows the blinds to open from each end and is gathered in the center.

Your vertical blinds for your sliding glass doors can be ordered to match any horizontal blinds you might have in your home. This is nice because you will want your sliding glass door to blend in with the rest of your décor. With the older style vertical blinds that you had to get to over your sliding glass patio door, this just wasn’t a possibility.


If you don’t like the look of vertical fabric blinds for your sliding glass patio door, you can choose faux wood vertical blinds or vogue wood blinds instead. Both of these options are quite attractive and will match the other blinds in your home, if that’s what you want. You will still have the same stack options with the faux or real wood blinds as you have with the fabric blinds, so that should not impact your decision in any way.

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Sliding glass doors are difficult to cover in the best of circumstances. It is recommended that you have a professional measure your doors to make sure you get the blinds that best fit your space. These can be expensive coverings so you don’t want to make a mistake and have to pay for a better-fitting product after you’ve already paid once.


The Hunter Douglas shutter collection

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Wood Horizontal Blinds (left), Fabric Vertical Blinds (right) – Barbara Gilbert Interiors


Pleated sheers for sliding glass door



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