Types Of Kitchen Wall Clocks

What type of kitchen wall clock would be the perfect finishing touch to their kitchen decor? Like everything in life, you can follow certain guidelines or you can go outside the box, as they say. It all depends on what kind of effect you are looking for in a kitchen wall clock.

First, explore the different styles of kitchens. After all, you have to know what style of clock will be the perfect match for your style of kitchen. Basically there are four main styles of kitchens to choose from. These four styles are modern contemporary, country casual, eclectic and formal traditional.

Next, the color of your kitchen should be taken into consideration. There are three basic shades when it comes to the color of your kitchen. You kitchen may be light, medium or dark. This factor includes all kitchen finishes. This means that all solid colors, all shades of stained wood kitchen cabinets and whatever type of finish is on your kitchen walls.


Choosing a kitchen wall clock has a lot to do with the wall you intend to hang the clock upon. Of course you should go with a wall clock that fits in well with the style of your kitchen.

The color of your kitchen wall clock could do one of two things. The color could blend in with the color of the wall it will be hung on or it could contrast to the wall it is hung on. If you choose to use a contrasting clock in your kitchen, be sure to have the clock style match the style of your kitchen.

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Kitchen clocks come in every imaginable shape and size. The size will be determined by the location of your wall hanging clock. Too small and you will end up with a time piece that will not present itself. Too large and you have a kitchen wall clock that will stick out like a sore thumb.

You also have a variety of finishes these clocks are made from such as wrought iron, dark wood, medium wood, light wood, black, white, silver/ chrome, brass and plastic.


If you are looking for what we call ‘different’ materials these kitchen time pieces are made from, you can find the made from rattan, glass, resin, neon and other very interesting materials.

So now let’s review what you need to do before you go to find a wall clock for your kitchen. First look for a clock that will match the kitchen style. Next, take notice of the color of your kitchen and look for a clock that will compliment your kitchen colors. This is followed by observing the wall on which you kitchen clock will hang. Make sure the clock you get will blend in well with the wall it will hang on.


From there you will want to decide on what material the clock is made from. There are a lot of choices in materials. Last but not least, determine what size you wish your kitchen clock to be.

You might want to jot down on a piece of paper all of the answers to the information above. This way you will have a direction to head in when your search begins.

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