Two Floor Apartment In Amsterdam by Hofman Dujardin

Remarkable is to describe the existing lighting in modern apartments, form a unique chandelier and modern apartment located in amsterdam. This chandelier inspired by advanced robot hand and is able to provide beautiful light effects in this apartment. The interior design created by Hofman Dujardin probably one of the quietest places in terms of light and accents. Apartments with the concept of clean white walls give the atmosphere and the air fresh and comfortable. A spectacular Dear Ingo chandelier by Ron Gilad for moooi displayed above the kitchen island, a very functional space and giving spirit in life. Comfort is the goal of a creative design.


The recently renovated apartment displays a modern white staircase leading up to the second floor. Here we find a different design style that accentuates the shape of the female body and uses elegant shapes to further deepen the idea of modern elegance. The second floor is home to the two bedrooms, the bathroom and the toilet. An elegant staircase in the main bedroom takes you up to the rooftop terrace for some fresh air. Located in Amsterdam, the two floor apartment is a comfortable and bright living space, created for the enjoyment of its inhabitants.





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