Turning Your Ranch into a Cash Cow: 3Strategies to Make Money

Ranches can make money beyond their traditional uses. Diversifying often makes good business sense. Think about your capabilities; if you can take on more projects and make more money, why not do it. Expanding the use of your ranch can drive profits and help to offset costs, making your ranch more financially stable. Keep reading to learn more.

The Land Itself

Diversifying your ranch might mean expanding your business, in which case you will need to find more space. Trade up your ranch to get more space. Choosing the right land is imperative. Do some research and come up with the best location for you. For example,ample ranches in Texas are available if you know where to look. Check outTexasLandfor the best land, including land for sale in Texas hill country.

Agricultural Options

Consider starting a fruit or vegetable garden. Make yourself more self-sufficient and sell the excess to the community. Starting a garden is cheap, but it does require some time and effort. Try harvesting wild plants. Take advantage of the natural resources around you. Turn some of your land into a vineyard of sorts. Grow grapes and learn to make your own wine. Think about the seasonal opportunities that the ranch offers. Start a Christmas tree farm or a pumpkin patch or berry picking. Opening your ranch to the public can help you capitalize on the time of year.

Livestock Options

Think of more uses for the livestock that already live on your ranch. Diversify your cattle and include dairy cows and beef cows or vice versa. Raise goats and produce your own artisanal goat’s milk products. Procure some chickens for both their eggs and their meat. Allow the chickens to roam free and let them take care of the weeds on the property too. Raise pigs, sell their meat and use their manure to fertilize crops. Think about starting a bee farm; they help to pollinate your garden, they’re good for the environment, and you can bottle and sell their honey.

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Divide the Land

Think about the parts of your land you use and the parts you don’t. Leaving parts of your land empty doesn’t make sense. Rent or sell the land that you don’t use to bring in more money. Rent to another local farmer. Hire extra staff and set up a dog kennel. Lease the land to hunters if you have enough wildlife. Divide your land and sell off the parts that you don’t use. Before doing so, make sure that your ranch can operate comfortably within the redrawn perimeters.


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