Try With Shabby Chic Home Decorating!

Try With Shabby Chic Home Decorating! Shabby chic home decorating uses vintage decor as well as new décor that looks old. The end result is a delightfully decorated room that features a comfortable, lived-in look. Shabby chic home decorating ideas include:

Use family heirlooms and collectibles in your shabby chic rooms. Their sentimental value and ageless beauty will be enjoyed not only by you but also by your family and guests. They also make great conversation pieces.

If you have a limited decorating budget, shabby chic home decorating is a perfect solution. Flea markets, garage sales, and friend’s attics and cluttered basements are ideal places to search for shabby chic home décor and furniture. Look for unique, distinctive pieces of furniture and home décor that provide a special touch to any room of your home.


A coat of paint makes old pieces of furniture ideal additions to shabby chic home decorating. Older upholstered furniture can be updated by using slip covers or large throws. If you have a few pieces of nice furniture, highlight them by ‘building around them’. They will look like real treasures surrounded by shabby chic home décor accents.

Vintage lace is a wonderful addition to the shabby chic decorating style. You can buy lace even if it is stark white and give it the illusion of being old by staining it with tea. Try a test piece first to get the desired shade. Lace that is cotton or at least partly cotton takes the tea stain well; however, polyester or nylon lace may not work as well.

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Other characteristics of shabby chic decorating are distressed finishes, soft as well as delicate colors, mixing checks, stripes, and floral fabrics, using a rumpled but neat look, and using home décor that is worn but also elegant.







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