Tropical Prints For Your Bedroom

Tropical Prints For Your Bedroom – If you love tropical breezes, beaches and warm island sunshine, then why not get bold and add some of that same feeling to that bedroom of yours..? Take yourself away with some of the festive touches of the islands, sand and sun! Why not try out a gorgeous tropical print comforter and sheet set? Or how about considering a complete bedding set that has every other single thing you’d need included – like coordinating shams, decorative accent pillows, bed skirt, valence and draperies?

Tropical prints of every style are highly popular now. Whether you’d like more of a floral motif featuring ferns, palm trees or hibiscus – or even beaches, palm trees, surf boards, sunsets or cool tiki huts…they’re all rich, colorful and relaxing options for any bedroom.

Bedroom tropical prints

Just about any colors you’d associate with the tropical feel are available. Select from soft floral pink, warm sun yellow, relaxing sea green or soothing sky blue.

Some people have an aversion to buying complete bedding sets that feature themes like this though. They may feel constrained by someone else’s creativity or not like some of the fabric choices.

They might prefer to build their bedroom design from scratch, gathering this from here and that from there to complete the look they want. No trouble either way!

Remember to keep some balance in your bedroom’s overall look as you’re redecorating for that island feeling though, no matter if you opt for something like a bedding set or do the designing yourself. Don’t go nuts and get matching wallpaper and drapes with any one style of the same tropical theme. It’ll be too much for your senses.

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Remember that neutral tones, rustic wood, bamboo and jute textures will add that extra touch of authenticity to your tropical bedroom.

Tropical bedding

You could add some tasteful accessories like candles, maybe some incense and a bamboo or jute area rug. How about a rattan, banana leaf, wicker or sea shell lamp for the bedsides? Those would tie everything together nicely.

If you have a master bath attached, then feel free to add some of the same tropical touches there too. Maybe try coordinating towels, rugs, soap- holders, soap dispensers or even toothbrushes!

With tropical bedding sets, it should be an easy breeze to create a perfect island getaway right there in your very own bedroom!

Tropical bedroom style

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