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The amount of people who are being turned onto tropical home style is growing day by day. This is all due to the many new styles of tropical home décor that are marking the line between flashy and tasteful that seems to be so blurred that it is not working for most. Tropical home style covers a wide range of styles – from colorful Caribbean to sophisticated island resort to luxuriant rain forest and traditional colonial plantation. It is a very adaptable home décor scheme, as it can evolve from a simple, inexpensive look through to unashamed luxury. If you consider the tropics for a moment then you will understand what the debate is over. The tropical home style is actually quite beautiful and most often they are anything but flashy or tacky. This is how the new line of tropical home décor is being created.

The appeal is going way beyond those that have been to the tropical areas and is extending to a whole new group of people who want the warm and inviting feel that tropical home style brings to the table. The mass appeal has the manufacturers scrambling to keep up as the surge has caused a shortage in many areas. This is good news for the companies that make and sell this tropical home décor.


When it comes to home décor the tropical home décor is one of the finest and easiest to work with. Tropical home style includes comfort, warmth, and a touch of the exotic, using jungle themes, restful colors, and natural textural elements. Tropical home style mixes lots of texture and intricate pattern with simple details and a few large accessories. Common motifs include stylized palm trees, large leafed banana plants, monkeys, animal prints, rattan, leather, and grasscloth.

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When you consider the massive amount of choices that you have with the tropical home décor you understand that more often than not there is more than enough for you to work with. This means that even the most picky person can find exactly what they want without having to spend massive amounts of money. That is always the biggest downfall for the home décor area as the prices of some of the styles tend to run way past that of the normal budget leaving many people without the style they desire for lack of a large enough budget. This can not be said of the tropical home style. The prices are very reasonable and can easily be fit into the budget of most that are interested in this style.


Furniture in a tropical home style is often large in scale and selected for comfort and utility. Accent pieces in wicker, bamboo, iron, and rattan will also fit well with the look. Fabrics should be soft and lush. Neutral solid chenilles are perfect for the major upholstered pieces. Pillows, ottomans, and chairs might be done in jungle prints and leaf designs. Wood furniture pieces and wood flooring fit well into this look. Light woods can be used but add more weight to the room by mixing in some dark tables, lamps, or furniture feet.


Flooring might be hardwood, though tile or stone is another possibility. We recommend natural wood flooring as perfect for tropical home styling. Accent the hard floor with area rugs of natural sisal. Remember that the flooring covers a major amount of space in the room, and shouldn’t remove the focus from the other elements such as furnishings and accents.


Neutral colours including ivory, beige, camel, tan, deep brown, soft gold, and pale yellows are the foundation of a tropical home style. Greens are also a major element in shades that range from light sage to avocado and from yellow-greens to a green that is nearly black. Accents might be in dark brown, black, or even muted reds.

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Large plants, especially palm trees, are a perfect addition to a tropical themed room. Add them in corners and uplight from underneath using inexpensive can lights.

Artwork will look best if it sticks to the color palette of the room – pale golds, ivory, browns, and greens. Hang prints with stylized leaf designs, exotic looking palm trees, and jungle animals. Paints are notoriously deceptive, so be sure to try a little on an inconspicuous area of the room and let it dry before deciding whether you like it or not.

tropical-bedroom1 tropical-bedroom2

The tropical home style is becoming so popular that it can be found most anywhere, as long as the place has not sold out of it, which has been known to happen more often these days. You will find that all the styles from the tropical home décor line fit nicely with other items in your tropical home décor, which will make it much easier for you to make the decorating choices that are all important.



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