Tropical Decorating For Private Paradise

If you love to spend your vacation time on a Caribbean island or in a South American resort, then you may want to consider bringing the feeling of being in a beautiful retreat home with you. Tropical decorating ideas can turn the blandest home into a private paradise.

You’ll need to make one major decision right away when you opt for tropical theme decorating ideas. Do you prefer a serene white beach house look, a tropical chic style, or a colorful beach shack feel? If you want the beach house look, you’ll want to paint your walls white. You may also want to whitewash your wooden floor.

However, if you opt to leave the floors alone, the rich brown of a dark wood floor can provide a nice contrast to all that white. For tropical chic rooms, try tan, soft green, or pale gold colors on the walls. If you decide that you want a more colorful look, choose sunny yellow, vibrant blue, or rich green tones for your walls. Flooring should be a light colored wood or tile. If your current floor isn’t quite right and you don‘t want to lay a new floor, try covering it with a large woven rug.


Furnishings are very similar for all of the tropical style décor options. Look for pieces that are large and comfortable. Oversize, well cushioned rattan chairs and an iron or rattan chaise lounge covered in soft, overstuffed cushions will look great in a living room or a sitting room area in your master bedroom. Wicker, bamboo and richly colored mahogany pieces also look wonderful with this theme.


As you move on to accessories for your tropical interior décor, you’ll need to really keep the type of décor you want in mind. A tropical beach house room may have a lovely chenille throw, shells in a bowl and candles scattered around, but tiger prints will be non-existent. A Tropical chic room will have items with a rain forest or jungle feel, such as throw pillows with a palm tree motif and a table with a carved elephant base. That beach shack room may have a driftwood lamp or several quirky Hawaiian themed accessories.

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To finish your room, you’ll need to take a look at the windows. A tropical paradise has plenty of sunshine and billowy sheer curtains to help you take advantage of all that glorious light. While your home probably doesn’t have quite as much light, you can still use sheer curtains as your window treatments. However, if, like anyone who lives in a tropical paradise, you sometimes want a little less light, you’ll want to install wooden blinds or shutters along with the curtains.

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