Trendy Kids Rooms

Trendy Kids Rooms – When you are looking to create a themed room around your child’s hobbies and interests, there is one major thing to consider before going forward – how long will this be able to last? Kids change their hobbies and interests at the drop of a hat, it is all a part of finding themselves and growing up.

But that can mean some headaches if you spend your time and money decorating your child’s room only to find out it is outdated a few months later. If done the right way though, it will last for a long time and the room can grow and change as your child grows too.


You will want to make your kid’s room into something that he or she will feel comfortable and safe in. It should inspire your children to spend time in there, go to sleep and stay asleep! No scary shadows in the middle of the night! One of the easiest ways of accomplishing this is to customize the room based on a favorite fantasy. Princess or doll house for girls, the jungle or a plane for boys. Anything goes really as long as it is something your child enjoys and feels comfortable with.


But of course, children change and grow and so do their interests. Once your kid reach a certain age, they will want to get rid of all the ‘baby stuff’ themselves, which is great to see your children develop and grow up.

To get that balance between fantasy and something that can last, here are some ideas how to create a trendy kids room:

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– Pastel colors will still be a favorite for wall paints and room furniture inside children’s rooms in 2016. Shades of pink and baby blue will continue to be a trendy theme as well as in accessories for the rooms of your young ones, and other pastels like periwinkle, lilac, and pale green will be popular.

– Use wall coverings that are easy to change such as bulletin boards, magnetic painting, whiteboards etc, so that you can easily move them around the room or remove it entirely.


– If you are budget conscious, one of the worst things you can do is to get a custom wall painting or tappet, as this is permanent until you re-decorate. Better to experiment with the above mentioned, which also give your child the opportunity to be creative and express him or her self.

– Decorative pieces inside your kid’s room will lean into the fun and creative look, making the rooms look like an extension of the playroom area.


– Keep the very age specific topics to one part of the room. An easy solution to do this, is to have a ‘theme’ bed placed in one specific place in the room. That part can then be customized to fit the fantasy, while you keep the rest of the room in a more age neutral style.

– For furniture the best choice is to go with wood. Wood can easily be repainted to reflect your child’s different tastes and is more durable and far more stylish than plastic. Rugs and mats are also a great cheap way to add personality to a room without making permanent changes, these can also be themed to coordinate with the room.

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– For the bed an easy and affordable solution to creating a fantasy bed is to invest in cheap duvet covers with special themes. These can then be changed as your child grows out of one interest and into another.



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