Transforming Corner Shower Enclosure Into A Mini-spa

You can transform corner shower enclosure into a mini-spa. All you need to do is to equip it with different accessories. This way, you do not need to spend thousands of dollars every month for few hours of relaxation. You can do it at your own home, in your own bathroom, right inside the corner shower enclosure.

Try to prep up your corner shower enclosure with the following bathroom accessories:

1. Monochrome Towel Ring. You basically do not need to move closer to the door just to get your towel. You can simply buy a towel ring and place it near the corner shower enclosure, perhaps mounting it on the wall. A lot of them are extremely easy to install since they can either have tile rubber or have screws to go along with them. Chrome or stainless steel is also ideal, because of its constant exposure to water. You do not want it to corrode very quickly.

2. Ultimate Bathroom Set. If you want to minimize the costs of your bathroom accessory expenses, you can go for those sets that are being sold in home depots and in the World Wide Web. One of the best ones is the Ultimate Bath set, which can be composed of a bath caddy and reading rack. You can place the bath caddy inside the corner shower enclosure, while the reading rack can be put a little outside the enclosure.


3. Shower Chair. If you are thinking of spending countess hours inside the bathroom, you might as well have a seat, where you can really sit straight on your back and allow running water to massage your entire body. You can also use a shower chair when you want to convert your corner enclosure into a sauna. It normally prevents water vapor from escaping, so the steam will be more than enough to keep those toxins out your body. In the meantime, grab a magazine or a book from the rack.

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4. Shower Radio. There are times when you want to share a shower with someone. However, it is not all the time that there is someone who can be there with you. At times when you needed your partner and she is not there, you can just turn on your shower radio. A number of them can contain both AM and FM signals. It can be directly mounted into the wall of your corner shower enclosure. Good music can also help you relax especially when you are treating yourself to a home spa.

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5. Clog Protector. Whether you like it or not, you will have falling hair when you are going to be taking a bath, which can cause some clogging into the floors of your corner shower enclosure. A clog protector will be a good addition to your fixture then. It is commonly made of stainless steel, so it does not rust right away.

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