Traditional Dining Room With Red Furniture

Traditional Dining Room With Red Furniture – Red is one of those shades that can be difficult to incorporate into a traditional dining space; it offers so much energy and passion that it can easily overwhelm the room. Since you want the focus of the dining room to be on eating, family togetherness, and relaxed enjoyment, you do not want the room to turn people off by adding too much energy. Accents and accessories are the best way to add a color like red, such as red chairs in a traditional dining room space.

There are a few different methods of utilizing red chairs and other furniture in the dining room, and that is through either the fabric or the actual furniture design. Take a look at the following options:

Red fabric for your dining room chairs

The easiest way to add red chairs to the dining room is by utilizing red fabric for the cushion on the chairs, and it can be solid red or a red pattern, texture, or print. For maximum wow factor, use a great red print or pattern that coordinates with the other shades in the room, especially if the room is primarily neutral shades or solid colors. A great red print will be quickly noticed and easily remembered, and since the rest of the room will be peaceful and inviting, your family members, friends, and guests will want to come back to the space time and again.

Texture is an important part of the look of a dining room, so you should be sure to add a variety of textures to add depth to the room. Something comfortable and soft is great for the fabric on the dining chairs, and on traditional chairs this can be made from a wide variety of materials, such as organic cotton and similar eco-friendly options. It is fine if the texture offers something unique, such as a raised pattern, just be sure that the chair is comfortable for anyone who sits on it.

Red furniture

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While true red color is very hard to find without gaudy spray paint on the furniture, there are many traditional wood finishes that have a red undertone for this space, such as cherry or mahogany. These are very elegant choices, but can cost significantly more than some other wood finishes, depending on the brand and retailer. Real (natural) wood will always cost more than the imitations, and this is not necessarily a good thing since faux woods may last longer and be easier to care for than the natural woods.

You do not have to choose fire engine red to offer red chairs in a traditional dining room, and the deeper shades of red are far more sophisticated and visually appealing. They still bring some of the passion as a bright red, but it is toned down significantly, which is important for a space like this that needs very little additional passion or energy. Consider a deep red with brown undertones if you want to add class and refinement without overwhelming the space.

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