Toy Storage For Kid’s Bedroom

Finding suitable toy storage can be quite a challenge. If you’re short of space you’ll need to be imaginative and clever with your ideas – and, it can also be tricky finding solutions that will blend with your home’s decor. Take inspiration from this selection.

Create your own bespoke furniture with an interlocking system you can build yourself. These types of storage systems look great and are very versatile, allowing you to choose the height and dimension. Why not combine with canvas storage boxes to add a bit of colour too!


Chests on wheels are a really practical idea, making them easy to move around. Canvas storage boxes fit neatly into the shelves and create a tidy effect concealing the toys effectively!


This fabulous vintage chest of drawers is dual purpose, not only does it look effortlessly stylish but it will also house all sorts of toys whilst adding retro appeal to any room.


Create a striking storage system with this simple idea. First put up some good solid shelving and then add storage boxes labelled or these canvas style boxes with different images which will allow you to differenciate between each.


Basket weave boxes are perfect for girls rooms storage. Ideal for keeping dolls and smaller items. Colour co-ordinate them to match the room and they make a practical ingredient in the rooms decor.


A good sized drawstring bag will be ample for soft toys and first baby toys, coupled with a cot tidy that hangs outside the cot providing an excellent neat option and doesn’t take up valuable space elsewhere.

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This is a lovely way to incorporate storage into the scheme of the room. If you already have shelving why not customise some plain boxes with patterns and favourite characters.


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