Touch Up Your Hallway!

Often when decorating a home, the hallway is neglected. While not officially a room, there is likely more than one hallway in your home that is seen by every visitor that walks through your door. For that reason, decorating the hallway should take on the same importance as decorating the rest of your home. Below are the tips to help you touch up your hallway.


Decorative mirrors are a great choice for your hallways. Since most hallways are rather narrow, hanging a mirror helps them appear a bit larger. Also, the light issue discussed above can be helped by mirrors as they will reflect and disperse light throughout the space.

When choosing a mirror for your hallway, consider scale. A large mirror is usually a good choice, especially if it is the only decoration on a particular wall. Smaller mirrors flanked by metal wall hangings, a clock or perhaps hanging candle holders, create a beautiful display.


Light it up

Many halls lack a good source of natural light. You would not want any other room in your home to appear dark and gloomy, and the hall should not be an exception. Install an overhead light that meshes well with any decor that can be seen from the hallway. Also consider hanging sconces that offer a light source. Hanging candle holders on the walls will afford you a special option for when you have guests. Also, if little feet will be traveling the hallway at night, you should install a night light to help them find their way.


No clutter!

Some people allow items to collect in the hallway rather than having them put away in their proper place. Before long, the hallway looks like a small storage unit! Keep your hallway completely free of clutter. If you have a large hallway, and opt to have furniture there, encourage family members to refrain from leaving items sitting on it. It doesn’t take much clutter for a small room to look very messy. Just consider the hallway a very small room, and keep it clutter free.

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Memory lane

A wonderful option for the walls in your hallway is to use the space to display your family photos. You could, for example, have a row for each of your children and place the photographs chronologically. You will be able to watch your children ‘grow up’ each time you walk down the hall. Another option is to create an asymmetrical display of all of your favorite photos. Use frames of varying sizes and styles to create an interesting display. You could also hang a medium sized mirror and then use that mirror as an anchor for your display, arranging the photographs around it.


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