Touch Of Nature In Bathroom Design

Touch Of Nature In Bathroom Design – A small space may seem especially easy to decorate, but in fact, if you spend a lot of time in there trying to make decisions, you may find that the small space is getting smaller every moment. A bathroom can be even more troubling in the fact that it has to be functional, but since others will use it when they come to visit; you want it to be aesthetically pleasing also.

The key to making a small room bigger is openness and airiness. It may seem impossible to do it with no windows or one small window in a tiny bathroom that hardly affords you room to stand. Yet, with the right combination of color and décor if space allows, you’ll feel like your bathroom has grown by leaps and bounds.


It’s a fact that if you ask most people where they might imagine having an open and airy feeling, they’d somehow bring up the beach or the ocean. It’s natural to feel that way because you do have warm breezes typically on a beach and the beach is visually open and expansive so you feel very open and airy. This feel can be accomplished through the use of the right tools in your bathroom even if it’s in the dankest of basements.


Color is incredibly important here. You will want to choose a color that leads one to think open and airy thoughts. My first recommendation would be an ocean blue. This would tend to lead one to thoughts of the very open ocean. If blue does not suit you, try a lighter green. This would also tend to lead one to thoughts of a field or open grassy area; also something that creates the illusion of openness.

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If you choose blue and go with the ocean analogy, you may choose to accessorize your bathroom with shells collected from the beach. It doesn’t take a lot of space to put a few shells on a blue or white decorative plate and place them in the corner of the countertop on your sink or perhaps place it on the lid of the back of the toilet. Candles are another accessory that you can buy in all kinds of colors that will add to the open atmosphere of your newly designed bathroom. If you have wall space, a picture depicting a beach scene will only add to the open feel you’re trying to achieve.


If the beach is not for you and you’d rather use greens and yellows to make one think of the open fields or the prairie, this is another option. In this case, replace the seashells with dried clumps of wheat or other decorative grasses on a green or yellow decorative plate. Use green, yellow, or even deep red candles. And put a picture of an open prairie with perhaps and windmill on the wall.

To create the illusion of openness, you want to use something that is open in reality. This will make there seem to be more space and soon you’ll wonder what to do with the new space you’ve created. There will be so much and it will be so well decorated you won’t remember what you didn’t like about it.



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