Top Tips to Restore your Wooden Garden Furniture

Whether you have a sprawling garden splattered with verdant beauty or a small terrace space replete with lovey planters, wooden rustic furniture can be placed to enhance its beauty and create a lovely sitting area. If you have lovely and attractive looking wooden furniture in your garden area, it is imperative to take care of them so that it continues to bring a lot of joy and happiness to you when you are sitting in your garden admiring its beauty.

If your garden furniture has started to look shabby and old, it is time to get ready for some much-awaited garden restoration activities. Keeping weather damaged and ravaged furniture as it is without any restoration work will mar its beauty. So, it is important to keep it maintained. It will not only save it from getting further worsened but also make your garden set look as good as new.

Garden Restoration

It is important to understand that people keep a variety of furniture pieces in their gardens. Wooden garden furniture is the most common among several options. In just a few hours, one can change the look of their furniture from lackluster to lovely. It is a very simple and satisfying exercise. Moreover, while restoring your furniture, you will also end up saving a lot of money. So, let us get started. Here are a few simple and easy tips that will bring your garden furniture back to its original glory.

Here we bring you some amazing tips that will help you restore your furniture without bringing any damage to the same. Your garden furniture stays outdoors for the whole year round. It takes a lot of beating of natural elements and gradually takes a silvery grey finish. Before embarking on furniture restoration, it is imperative to start with its thorough cleaning. It shall remove all dirt, cobwebs, dust, etc. A stiff bristle brush can be used for this purpose.

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It is easy to get rid of the weathered look of the furniture and do away with the old and tired, duller grey colour that mars its beauty. There is no dearth of products available in the market that can give a new lease of life to your furniture. Whether it is a bench or a table and set of chairs, chest of drawers and more, its life can be prolonged with a few simple steps. In just a few hours, it will look as good as new.

Steps to Restore your Garden Furniture

Start the process of renovating or restoring your weather-beaten garden furniture with the following steps.

Check the Weather Forecast

The first step is to check the weather forecast before you set about with this task. It is important because when working on the furniture, it needs to remain completely dry. Moreover, it will also need time to allow the paint and primer to dry.

Clean The Furniture Thoroughly

Clean the furniture surface thoroughly and ensure that it is completely clean and dry. It should be devoid of any dirt and dust. In some cases, if the furniture is not too dirty, a simple cloth can be used to clean it, but in some cases, a stiff bristle brush is required. This brush also comes handy when cleaning drawer knobs thoroughly.

Ensure proper sanding

The next step is to scrape off old paint from its surface. It is possible by carrying out proper sanding. It will clean the furniture surface, smoothing it thoroughly. To begin with, use a coarse piece of sandpaper and then take it to a finer piece of sandpaper for a perfect finish.

Apply Primer

The next step in your process of restoring garden furniture is applying on the sandpaper-finished surface. Primer is applied before you are ready to paint the surface of the furniture. It is done to protect its surface against knots of resins and water vapor. It is prudent to choose a primer that comes with aluminum flake.

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It is important that this step is not skipped when restoring old wooden garden furniture. This is because, primer provides a lovely base, and it becomes easier for the paint to take a smoother finish. It also adds an extra protective layer to the furniture. It also fills in gaps if any in the wood grain thereby sealing wood surface properly.

Primer must be used with utmost care. Start by stirring it gently and then painting the surface using a paint brush. This way, the strokes will be in the grain direction. Let the primer dry completely. The time taken in primer drying might vary depending on the brand chosen. Follow the instructions given on the tin of the primer.

Paint the Wooden Surface

The last step in the process of garden furniture restoration is painting the surface properly. Choose the paint colour as per your desire, something that goes well with your overall home decoration scheme. There are several shades available that goes perfectly well with the outdoorsy theme. Before starting to paint, stir the paint and apply a coat using a paint brush. Allow the coat of paint to dry before applying more coats. Once dry, the furniture will shine in its new-found lease of life. Give yourself a pat on the back and admire your handy work.

You can follow the same process to restore your other home furniture and accessories like door handles too.

Get ready to wow your friends and guests with your shining furniture looking as good as new.

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