Tips for How to Stage Your Home for a Quick Sale

Now is the perfect time to sell your home. The key is to post it on the market and get a quick sale, which will reduce the amount of time that you spend on the process. There are a few tips that you can follow to ensure that your home does not sit up for sale for years.

  • Appearance: While the buyers will want an inspection done, you will need to provide a detailed list of things that will need to be addressed. Curb appeal is everything, and buyers will make a decision based on the outward appearance of the home. You need to clean up all the trash and debris in the yard. Cut and trim the grass, cut the bushes back, plant some fresh flowers, clean off the porch, and give the exterior a fresh coat of paint. Put yourself into the buyer’s shoes and if you see something that would affect your decision if you were the buyer, fix it before a real buyer sees it.
  • Depersonalization: You will want to remove any personal items that you have, including pictures, paintings, personal collections, and anything else that will distract a buyer’s eye. Depersonalizing your home will allow the buyer to envision themselves living in the space, rather than being distracted by your belongings.
  • Display: When you are getting a house ready to sell you will want to remove all your display items. A buyer will want to know what is different in your home compared to the others that they have looked at. If you have anything that stands out, make sure that when a potential buyer walks in that it jumps out at them. For example, if you have a nice inset fireplace, make sure it is cleaned up, in working condition, and that you have something placed on the mantle that will attract attention.
  • Update: A fantastic way to get your home ready for a quick sale is to update all the hardware. Change out the old worn doorknobs and locks, and update all the cupboard and closet hardware. Once again you want to put yourself in a buyer’s shoes and see what could improve the chances of a sale. If you see something off, a buyer will as well.
  • White Out: This might sound a little strange, but you need to remove all your colorful bedroom sets and all the towels and exchange them for white options. This is a tactic to keep the buyer’s attention on the house and how their items would look in it. If you have a colorful bed set it would draw their attention.
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Appearance is the number one selling aspect of a house, especially when you want a quick sale. You need to see the house from the perspective of a buyer. You may not see the cracked paint on the door to be a big deal, but it will put the idea in the heads of buyers that you have not taken care of the house. Every little thing that has a negative impact on them will decrease the chance of a quick and profitable sale.

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