Timber Elements In Interior Design

Timber Elements In Interior Design – Wood is a natural material that brings warmth into the home and regulates humidity of the interior, so it is equally represented in the cold and in warm climates. It is especially popular during the autumn and winter days, because the interior which is tucked into a wood give the sense of complete protection from the wind and cold.

Solid wood furniture in modern design is trendy so that ideally complements the idyllic image of a warm home. If you want to increase the impression of the natural environment and turn a modern apartment into a mountain log cabin, cover the walls with wooden panels. It is very fashionable in last few years.

Wooden wall panels could create the unique rustic living room. Assemble the TV set and you’ll feel nice and comfortable in the room. Do not cover the walls with lots of furniture so you can allow the material to highlight its beauty and natural charm.


For the entrance space in your home use a treated wood. It is important to create a home that will make your visitors feel good from the moment they enter your house. You can achieve it by using the right material. For example, if you like a modern touch you can combine wood with other materials, e.g. glass.

Wooden materials can look great even in the kitchen or bathroom. In this rooms the floor is usually covered with ceramic tiles, but a rug made of thin wooden plates or bamboo will be very decorative and it will give a warmth. In the kitchen, use a wooden surface on the kitchen isle. You can also use a various combinations of materials to support wood, such as metal or glass details.

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Wood can be very well used in bathrooms – for the furniture, even the sink and bath tub. They can be of specially treated wood resistant on water.

Sometimes is difficult to create a homely feel in a house office. We suggest to use partially wood panelling on one wall that you choose to be the accented. It is important to create calm atmosphere that works well for you and increase your productivity. You may wish to spend more time working!


If you are not sure about the choice of the wood color, designers usually recommend to go for safe option – lighter colors, such as natural wood, white and beige.

Light wood furniture you can organize however you like because it is visually not too heavy and it is very good choice for small houses and rooms. Beside that, with light color furniture your decor, such as pictures, vases and other details, as well as walls, will be more noticeable.

Wood is favorite material in past, present and it will be certainly in the future.






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