The Yohen Tsurude Teapot

This beautiful teapot was hand crafted by Ito Seiji in Tokoname, Japan. The Yohen (natural ash glaze technique) leaves a rustic and natural, “Of the earth” impression which is accented by its naturally dried ivy vine handle. The meticulous workmanship of the hand-made Sasame (clay mesh filter screen) is evident with its very tiny filter holes which make this teapot a functional work of art.

The Yohen Tsurude Teapot is reminiscent of the antique style Yixing pear and gourd shape teapots from China. Ito Seiji’s brilliant expression of this ancient teapot shape inspires and takes the organic adapted style to the next level.

d 698

Yohen-Tsurude detail

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