The Wright House – A Mixture of Modern and Traditional

The Wright house in Durban, South Africa featuring a combination of traditional and modern architecture so as to produce a home design that contrasts with the site. Traditional architecture of a thatched roof form combined with modern design construction curved corners. The addition of a new house curved architecture produces a striking openness from floor to ceiling windows. Modern interior design generating friendly atmosphere, it is created from every room that filled with furniture and warm colors. Combination of modern and traditional design elements is essential to create a transition between the old buildings.

The combination of traditional architecture and modern Wright House was built managed smoothly, thanks to the design creativity of Elmo Swart Architects.

A quaint three-bedroom thatch cottage, nicknamed swallows’ nest, was to expand to add a new main bedroom, two studies’, a multi-use entertainment space and an art gallery. The clients, both writers and entrepreneurs with a passion for African abstraction love encouraging local artists by holding art exhibitions to help put them on the map. They own a beautiful game farm in the north, their second home, where they migrate to and through.

Although the form of the new extension has an initial simplicity one soon realizes that there’s a layer of complexity that gives each room its own volumetric personality. Neil’s study has a vertical gothic-like drama that links with the adjacent African Flame’s branches, reaching upward as an imaginary stairway. Liesel’s study has a more self enclosing horizontal emphasis, forcing her experience out into the Kloof valley. The bedroom celebrates the junction of all elements and escapes through a linking tunnel to a bathroom/closet space set within the existing roof.

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Transformation, fluidity and explorations on “to attach” were cognitive ideas that had to be formalized. On the more subversive/ subliminal side, a hybrid parasite has claimed its presence.

A sense of paradox is achieved in the adding of a structure clearly separate yet attached, unique yet familiar. Decisive comment is delivered on the complexity of transitional space – two diverse genres joined paradoxically by constructing a union while simultaneously embracing a tangible tension.

The merger was realized by introducing episodes and imports that conserved the nuances of their source and origin. They also obtain an entirely new impact founded in their composition that seems to come together by means of collage – an assembly of associations distorted to breed a new typology.



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