The Role Of Cushion Covers In Home Decorating

The Role Of Cushion Covers In Home Decorating – The overall beauty of any house largely depends on several key elements like furniture, fixtures, paint color, etc. However, even the small elements like cushions, curtains and tablemats also play an important role in giving the final look to the overall aesthetic signature of the decoration style. Even the cushion covers play a pivotal role in determining the overall effect of you interior decoration scheme. The well-suited designer covers can add oodles of glamour to your whole interior scheme.

The cushion covers can revamp the look of your sofa or recliner. Their overall impact in the whole design scheme is further magnified by the fact that they are closely related to guests as well as home owners. Hence, there are several things to keep in the mind before buying a cushion cover for your house:





The pattern of the cushion cover should be in harmony with the overall character of your sofa. For example if you have a traditionally designer wooden sofa then you can go for floral motifs or hand block print styles. The unusual geometric shapes, asymmetric designs and modern cuts would not go along well with your traditional sofa set. For the best effects you can go for the fringe tapestry.


If your sofa has a dark color like maroon or red then cream colored cushion covers with threaded embroidery would look perfectly nice. For the light colored sofa sets the light colored covers with a dark outline would give a perfect look. If the center of the cushion cover has patchwork then it will further enhance the look of the cushion cover. Mirror work would act as an icing on the cake.

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In fact the material plays a very important role here as the cushion covers are mainly used by guests as well as house owners. So there are 2 things to keep into mind. The fabric of the material should not trap the dust particle easily and secondly, the materials should be durable enough to retain its brand new look even after several washes. If you are concerned about the durability and washability then no other fabric can be as recommendable as cotton.


Cotton can not only withstand several washes without losing its brand new look, but is also easier to wash than many other fabrics. It allows you to wash away the dust particles and eliminating the last trace of any kind of stains. However, most of the time the fabric sold in the name of cotton is not pure cotton but is a mixed fabric where cotton is mixed with other fabric. So it is extremely important to make sure that the fabric you are buying should be 100% cotton.


Tailored or ready-made

One of the most prominent questions is whether to go for a ready-made cushion covers from the shop or to get it stitched by a tailor. The answer is not that difficult. It generally depends upon your taste and requirements. If you don’t have an excellent aesthetic knowledge and are not well acquainted with the latest trends in the furnishings, then it is best to go for a ready-made cushion as these cushion covers are designed keeping in the mind the modern trends thus save you from tedious process of dealing with the tailor and finalizing the design. On the other hand if you have an in depth knowledge of latest design trends in the interior décor and the furnishing elements then you can go for cushion tailored to suit your aesthetic inclination.

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