The right door holds the key to your home

Doors. They get slammed in anger and flung open in excitement. Stuff goes on behind them when they’re closed and paths are beaten towards them. Death has one, wolves are kept from them and scoundrels must never darken them.

Every day we enter and exit our homes without a second thought. But doors have such symbolic resonance, we should consider them as carefully as other design aspects of our homes.


Image The Prime Minister’s Office 

Take 10 Downing Street. That glossy black Georgian door, embellished with a brass lion’s head knocker is instantly recognisable as the office and home of the British Prime Minister.

Our doors may not need to be bullet proof or flanked by one of our Boys in Blue, but they ought to say something about our homes and the people who live there.

Doors have been around for a long time – since ancient Egypt, in fact. There’s even a Roman God devoted to doors. That’s how important they are in our modern day culture.

So if interior design reflects our personal taste as well as meeting the practical needs of our life style, it makes sense to extend that principle to the front of the house.


Image by Tim Green aka atoach 

Find your own style and browse the vast selection of trends, finishes and colours online. Bespoke companies like Modern Doors will offer a made to measure service while High Street suppliers like Anglia may be able to strike a deal. Or try a trusted company like Todd Doors. Visit them at to see the full range as well as blogs and advice on how to choose wisely.

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A front door is your first impression. Make a statement or blend into the background, but consider your options. Mirror shiny red may attract the boy or girl next door, while a warm wood finish could be perfect for leaning against during neighbourly chats on the stoop.

An open door is seen as a gateway to something new. Perhaps that might just be something simple like a glass of wine at the end of a long day at the office or something more significant like carrying your new bride across the threshold.

Check out Pinterest or design blogs for inspiration. You’ll find examples of architecturally historical designs, slick and sleek or casual country styles. There are doors with stained glass panels or intricate carvings and even more making the most of creative hardware.

But don’t get carried away. Take practical elements into account too. A glazed door will let light flood into your hallway but also consider insulation, security and durability. And don’t forget door handles, door pulls and locks. Their colour, finish and style will all affect the final look of your entrance way.

Your front door may be the face of your home, but don’t forget to think about other entrances too. Gorgeous bi-folding doors leading off the patio may be more up you street than the traditional French style. Or maybe you’re hankering after your own slice of the country and want to install a lovely stable door at the back to lean on and look out of.

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