The Most Fashionable Interior Colors

The Most Fashionable Interior Colors – On the market can be found hundreds of options and that is if you like to stick to one specific brand. It may seems impossible to decide about the perfect color. That’s why we create a list of the most wanted colors for this season. Maybe you weren’t thinking about these shades before, but those who know them just can’t stop to use them.

If you think you may need a professional advise, check out this five ideas. Using this guidance, you’ll find yourself in a modern and sophisticated interior.


Light grey wall is ideal for modern bedroom

1. Greek blue

Greek blue color is very popular in this days. Actually, Benjamin Moore ranked this color as very trendy in 2015, and it is clear why. These blue shades are re-creating a relaxed and calm holiday on the seaside. The bonus of this blue color is its coolness, but the calming sensation will be the strongest effect. The key is in the amount of the blue you use. If you wish a full Mediterranean look of your interior, color all of your walls. If you prefer only accents, use this color in painting pieces of furniture or kitchen cupboards.


2. Neutral grey

The grey is the most popular neutral color of the season. It is less sharp and it gives a subtle feeling in the interior design. The final result of using the grey color is welcoming and chic style interior. When work with greys it is very important to know how the particular shades will impact the space. Lighter grey colors give warmer feeling, hence they are ideal for bedrooms and lounges, where you will spend a lot of time. Darker greys give very powerful visual look, so use them in the rooms you like to show-up.

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3. Warm coral reds

Pink is not reserved only for kids anymore. It may sounds strange, but coral red colors are this season answer to pastel tones. The coral shades in your interior have to be well balanced with the general design of the room. It is good to combine corals and neutrals, or to use coral reds as an accent to make your interior vivid.


4. Olive green tones

The olive green offers much more individuality than other neutral colors. It is a middle ground between super-popular mint green and bold forest green. Olive green will provide an elegant and unobtrusive look to your design. The olive green is connected with nature, so try to use it in your interior design. Use as much as possible natural materials and day light. This color is perfect for the space that is transitional between outdoor and interior, as well for walk-in wardrobe or kitchen that is open to the garden.


5. Purple interior

Purple interior color of a plum is for those who want the touch of elegancy in their home. For centuries the purples are connected with royals and wealth and it will certainly give a luxurious look to your interior, for an affordable price. Carefully choose in which room you’ll use the purple. Our suggestion would be bedroom or formal sitting room. The size of the room is also very important, and it easy become overwhelming if used in small rooms.


We give you five colors that dominate in the world of interior design at the moment. If you planning to decorate your home some time soon, take those colors in consideration. Use them for the walls, furniture or accessories, and the final result will be bespoke home design.

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