The Most Common Decorating Mistakes

There are hundreds of errors you can make in decorating your home. You can be well ashamed if don’t receive a positive reaction from your friends after showing them your house. Luckily, these ‘mistakes’ can be corrected easily – all you need is a bit of planning ahead to avoid mistakes at all. Though everybody has its own taste and personal style, you will be surprised to find out what are the biggest mistakes of all times.

Too much is… well… just too much!

The first mistake everyone has done at least once – it is usual that some of the décor pieces you use too often and too much. That means that you have used all cushions you have and put them on the bed, you put lots of picture frames all around your house and your shelves are crammed with various figurines and souvenirs from holidays.

Too much stuff around would look not only cluttered but also untidy. If you can’t sit on the sofa or lay on the bed because there are cushions and other decoration, which is the alarm sign you have to change something. The best advice is to keep decoration on minimum and use only the best stuff. Some of decorations you may love, but they are not good for overall look of your home.


Too many pictures on the wall

It is hard to choose only few pictures among the many you would like to display. The choice of good quality pictures is great – you can find nice paintings and watercolors, or posters in different themes. If you are creative person, you can nicely frame your work of art and hang on the wall. The important thing is that the wall decoration is in harmony with the colors and style of the room. Too many pictures in different styles, colors and styles give the sense of discomfort, and it may happen that your guests feel distracted.

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stylish room

Stylish room with proper distribution of paintings

Ready-made furniture can be ‘the style killer’

Who don’t like to browse the furniture shops and look at nicely set-up rooms in the shop windows? Every design looks perfect for your room. The only problem is that the set-up furniture looks good in the shop, but not necessarily in your house. Think carefully, make a good plan, check a few interior design magazines if you run out of ideas and create a wish list. Choose single pieces that can be different in style or color, but yet look great together. Buy the pieces of the furniture that you really need and that will be well used. You may be surprised with the final result.


Ready-made living room furniture – where is your own style?

Enjoying impulsive decisions

It’s completely all right to enjoy all new, fashionable stuff that can be found in the shops and impulsively buy them. Be careful not to buy something that you will regret later. You know what we mean! Colorful print curtains, lava lamp and similar things definitely are failed choice. Don’t be seduced with their attractive look – they just don’t fit any room.


Do you really need this chair for your classic living room?

Matching is not always the safe choice

You want the great decorating tip? All you need to do is to match all colors, lines and styles. Well, that’s wrong. That idea could look good on the paper, but in the room actually could look a bit awkward, almost creepy and cold, especially with the wrong color scheme. The good idea is to have a basic color and combine carefully that color with one or two additional colors. Eclectic style is very popular and with a bit of time to browse shops, patience to find a right things and a courage to ‘mix and match’ you can be saved of classic mistakes in home decorating. The result will be marvelously and uniquely decorated home that will make you pride.

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Beautiful living room in bright colors, with green and turquoise décor products

The importance of the lighting

The mistakes about the lighting are very common – too much or too less or wrong place of lights appliances. Try to figure out the best strategic positions for the lights in your room, and then choose the lamps that will have their function but also be nice addition to décor. The best advice will be – if you like to make a statement with the sofa and colorful cushions then your choice may be a simple lamp design; if your furniture is reduced and with clear lines, then you can play a bit with shapes and colors. And forget about lava lamps!



Ugly living room lighting (above), lava lamps (below)

Fitting furniture

Some people just don’t know how to fit all the furniture they have. If the pieces are too big or there are too many pieces, your living space will look overcrowded. The best solution is to find individual pieces as we described earlier and to find them the place in the room so they wouldn’t interrupt the light to come in or walking through the room. The sense of functionality and freshness will make you feel much more comfortable. Knowing some of the biggest mistakes you could make in decorating your home space will help you to not repeat them again.


Elegant & modern properly fitted furniture

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