The Latest Trends In Upholstery Fabrics

The Latest Trends In Upholstery Fabrics – Upholstery can be characterized as a special segment section of the furnishing area. In order to get the latest trends in upholstery fabrics, you can consider the availability of such masterpieces online. The main work of this upholstery segment is to deal with supplying several kinds of fabrics, which are well adorned with springs, cushioning, fabric, webbing and other forms of leather coverings. The word upholstery is derived from the word ‘upholder’, which is a middle English word. This term exclusively mentions the tradesman, who is obliged to hold up assorted products.


Searching the latest trends in upholstery fabrics you can find a fluid looking prints, peacock feather patterns, photographic images, graded dip dye designs, text, blurred images, florals and tropical prints. On the other side we see a strong geometric designs, 3D patterns, repeated forms, kaleidoscopic images and patterns inspired by cells and molecules. Watercolor techniques, with colors running into each other, are used on prints and bring upholstery fabrics alive. As for patterns, what the designers are predicting in 2015 is florals, metallic accents, geometric shapes and mosaics.


The use of metallic elements in modern interior design is not new, but we are starting to see it being used more frequently and with a heavier hand. Try a metallic upholstery or copper throw pillows.

Floral patterns. Floral designs and textiles is a growing trend, not only in the interior design world, but also in other markets such as fashion. When there is a lap over of a particular trend in more than one vertical market, in this case floral, the trend has a tendency to have staying power. This will be a strong upholstery fabrics trend in 2015 that you’ll see popping up everywhere!

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Fur. Now in 2015, we’ll see this fur on high. Off the floor and promoted onto couches, consoles, tables and cushions. Natural fur is best, but also comes with a level of controversy.

Greens and earthy tones in upholstery fabrics. Eco-friendly spaces are inspiring next season’s color map. Bright, floral, earthy colors teamed with fresh shades of green, and preferably combined with white and other neutral colors.


Beige color. Beige is one of those color palettes which has been a favorite for years. It is a safe color, it’s timeless and it works well as a base color for exciting splashes of color accents.

Getting the ‘Tone on Tone’ look in your living room is all about layering by using the same color in different saturations and textures throughout the space. The easiest way to recreate the Tone on Tone look is to mix and match patterns, keeping it all within one color family. Even though you will have multiple textures and prints, the end result will be soft, calm and sophisticated.


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