The Hottest Kitchen Trends 2016

The Hottest Kitchen Trends 2016 – Transform your loving kitchen into a culinary castle with these the hottest kitchen designs and trends you need to consider for 2016.

Porcelain countertops

Although quartz and other materials are generally preferable for the perfect kitchen countertop, porcelain is starting to become very much in the new in-trend surface. Offering all the properties that quartz does – stain, heat and flame resistant, it also offers more protection against hotter temperatures and can be custom-made as thin or thick as your kitchen designs allow.

It’s a much more versatile material than others you would have considered before and it often proves to be the more cost-effective solution too.


Comfortable bar stools

Once upon a time your bar stools would have been high with no back but comfort is key these days. Eating your breakfast in comfort is important for digestion over anything else!

High bar stools with backs, almost like elongated dining room chairs, are now all the rage and softer materials have taken preference over the uncomfortable, rigid wooden creations you may have owned before. Cozier fabrics such as organic cottons, plush pillows and warm knits or linens are in so the more comfortable you make your stools and chairs, the more on-trend you are.


Vintage shabby chic

Vintage and shabby chic pieces have been a firm favorite in the world of interior design for a long time and according to designers, the look is not going away at any point soon. Vintage accessories incorporated into contemporary backdrops make this look one of the simplest to achieve. You could renovate antique or vintage pieces giving you an inexpensive way to liven up secondhand furniture, and it also provides you with a simple way to switch things up. You don’t need to go out and buy brand new stools for your kitchen bar when this hot interior design trend allows you to simply repaint them with the new feature color.

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Metallic finishes

This is a trend that seems to have increased in popularity over the last few years and more people are opting for these great kitchen designs incorporating metallic finishes to lights, benches, range-hoods, handles and more.

One of the easiest ways to recreate this look is to incorporate a metallic-finish splash back. It’s not too much of an overpowering change but with the right shades of copper, silver and stainless steel can even help to brighten up the room and make it appear bigger. Reflective lampshades are great for filling the room with light but just remember that silvery tones will make the light appear cooler whereas the redder, copper hues will give more of a warmer, duskier glow to your kitchen.

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