The Furniture Adjusted To Your Pets

The furniture adjusted to your pets – If you belong among people who like to make their pets happy every day, you should read this. Read here how to use few tricks to make your apartment or house an ideal home for your pet . Here are 5 clever ideas which make your pet to adore you.

Pet style sofa

Designers and furniture makers create nowadays products that will suit much better not only people, but also their beloved pets. Korean designer Seungji Mun creates fantastic sofas with integrated tunnels that your pet can use for play and hide, while you resting.

If you like the idea, but your budget is a bit tight, you can use Mun’s furniture as an inspiration for DIY project. The biggest advantage of this furniture is the fact your pet is always around, without using your place on the sofa. It will be pet’s own place to play or sleep, but you will be always close if needed.

Seungji Mun-sofa

Seungji Mun’s fashionable sofa for pets

Staircase for little explorers

Probably you notice that your pet love to explore the territory, even if it’s well-known area. Cats, in particular, love to check each corner and climb furniture, curtains and bookcases. To make your pet happy, build the staircase just for them. Even small staircases will occupy them for the long time, and with the right choice of color, material and shape it can be very decorative part of your interior.


Cat’s wall stairs

Fashionable houses

If you lack of enough room for the classic dog’s or cat’s house, think about multifunctional, contemporary solutions. In most furniture shops today you may find small pieces that can be also an ideal home for your pet. Contemporary style planters can be a great hide, and it will ideally fit to your room.

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‘The House’ fits well in surrounding, it doesn’t stood out in any sense and it is great place for your pet to have a long nap, even if you have a guests. It will be an ideal shelter for cat or dog and they will be able to choose to be alone in their paradise or go out and have a bit of fun with you.


Flaps on the door or wall

Door flaps give your pet the sense of freedom, because can use the wide space and explore it. If you live in the house, it is excellent solution, because your pet will go out or in whenever likes. This is especially suitable for cats, which nature is to explore wide area around the house.

Door flaps can be installed with a small interventions in the interior, but it is very important privilege for your pet. With the fact that there is the freedom of movement, a dog or cat will feel your house as their home too.


Pet door, Endura Flap Design

Today, the popular way to accommodate your cat is to build so caller ‘catarium ‘ (or ‘catio’). The catarium is a large enclosed outdoor area where you can create a whole new world for your cat. You can build a various areas on different levels, so the cat can climb, explore and play, add grass area, water feature, and, of course, nice and cozy sleeping area. The cat will love her ‘own’ space to retreat, as soon as it is big enough to allows her to feel free.

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More modest way to spoil your pet is to simple put a nice, soft pet beds. In the cold winters they will appreciate heat pads to keep them warm. Make the corner in your home just for the pet, so they can always know there is a place to be safe.
If you have a pet or want to have one and you don’t have any of this, it is a good time to think about using some of this suggestions and make the life better – for you and for your pet.








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