The Feminine Home – A Romantic And Vintage Design

The vintage style in the female interior design always give an impression of femininity, creativity, elegancy and daintiness. It is a good choice for girls and young women who live alone, because only few men would agree to live in the house with baby pink walls and white vintage furniture.

The vintage style is lately very popular, both in fashion and interior design, especially because of its pleasant and gentle atmosphere. This style is characterized with white color, floral patterns, lots of décor, but also perfect balance between each detail.

The walls can be painted, but white wallpapers with floral motifs are an absolute hit. Don’t forget details such as cutrains and blinds, cushions, lamps or candlesticks. Using a vintage lace or pearls, you can decorate them by yourself.


The textiles are the key in creating a romantic vintage style – white, pink or floral motifs, it doesn’t matter! Use the textiles for creating a canopy over the bed, as a tablecloth or decoration of the shelves. The right choice of textiles will give to the vintage girly interior a special note.

The dressers, bedside tables, sofas, decorative screens and mirrors are very popular too. You can find them in various shapes and styles, and whatever would be your choice you can’t go wrong. The top of the dresser you can fill with various decorative jewelry boxes that you can find in antique shops, boot sales or even make them by yourself. The simple wooden box you can decorate with textiles, satin ribbons, pearls, or paint them in white and decorate in the decoupage technique.

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For the vintage style doesn’t apply well-known slogan ‘less is more’. Feel free to pack your interior with as many things you like, because it is your and unique living space. One day you might share all these vintage stuff with your partner and you will need to give up some of the too girlish details.

The pictures below can give you an inspiration in the decoration of your own interior. Surely we recommend a bit of research and hunt for the vintage objects – look at your grandmother shelves, go to local antique fair or boot sale, and you will certainly find a nice decorative pieces that could fit in your interior.
















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