The Dining Room – The Central Aspect Of The Home

The central aspect of most homes is the dining room, and it can make sense to anchor your home decorations around what you choose for the dining room. This article can help you to think about what basic style of dining room, from dining table to drapes, you are looking for.

When it comes to a country style dining room, features like simple, light colored chairs and tables with simple wood grains or distressed painted items can incorporate many accessories that will sure to be pleasing to the eye and inviting. Your country dining room can have classic rustic patterns in gingham or checkerboard in practically any color you select.

Antique and vintage items would go great in these kind of rooms, where you could incorporate large vases and platters or use creative renditions of animals found on the farm to even French floral patterns which convey a cozy charm. Perfect floral country dining room decor would be to finish off the look with a flowery area rug in country colors.


The Victorian dining room is often a darker affair with greater grandeur. Using deeper woods and furniture that has clawed feet are common of Victorian period decor. Chairs will probably be cushioned with fanciful patterns and the wood will most likely have elegant carved inlays. There might be wood-and-glass display cabinets for antiques, and a Persian area rug with a intricate floral pattern. The overall color scheme runs to deep reds, blues, purples, browns and greens, accented with gold, bronze, or silver. In a Victorian dining area, a grandfather clock and a fireplace with an ornate mantel fit quite well. The table really should be long and have runners, possibly with a forest or hunting theme. To supply thematic light accents, perhaps silver or brass candlesticks or a candelabra would offer accent lighting that would be suitable for the room.

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Simple elegance can be accomplished using small aspects in the dining room decor. The furniture lines are clean and the colors solid and generally primary in characteristic, although fluorescent or neon-bright colors can make an appearance in future-modern dining rooms. Dining room colors nowadays include the use of blues, reds, bright neon pinks and greens, fuchsia, magenta, lavender, orange and vermilions.


The room is relatively barren of furniture: just the dining room table, the chairs, the light fixtures, and possibly some art on the walls. A vase or perhaps an art object can sit in the center of the dining room table and keep watch over the proceedings. The dinner service might be plain white and shaped as rounded squares with a bold color table cloth contrasting with the colors on the wall space. More modern day designs for dining rooms have a different concept but can be just as stunning in its appearance.


Instead of focusing on a particular style or taste, an eclectic dining room employs various techniques of design. With a great deal of overall flexibility, a eclectic dining room can be created practically in any manner, including various objects all tied together. An eclectic dining room could be painted in any color, or feature fascinating wallpapers. There could be interior tropical plants and multiethnic art and also the table could be kidney-bean-shaped and screaming yellow in color. The “eclectic” style can feature practically any elements, as long as the general theme cannot be tied down to any specific style or period.

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