The Decorative Stone Coatings

The decorative stone coatings are very popular in modern interior design. It’s not hard to see why stone surfaces add a look of refinement and elegance in home décor. Stone can complement virtually any type of interior design or outdoor landscaping. While stone flooring, exposed brick walls and exterior stone walkways are pleasing to the eye, the price of real stone may be out of reach for many family budgets. Happily, new manufacturing techniques are now producing specialty stone coatings that look and feel like authentic stone inlays, at a fraction of the real-stone price.

The high-quality decorative stone coatings can provide the same look and feel of granite, quartz and other stone surfaces without breaking the bank.


The stone coating can beautify aged concrete surfaces such as walkways, steps, garage floors, patios and pool surrounds, as well as resurface that old worn-out kitchen countertop, all of which are costly to replace. These decorative coatings can also be personalized with the use of stone pattern stencils to create the effect and look of real-stone tile inlays and interlocking bricks.


These inexpensive and versatile coatings can help to unleash anyone’s imagination. Most homeowners can easily design their own stencils to make a family area absolutely unique, and create customized patterns around pools, in garages or basements with a simple three-step process.

Decorative stone coatings can be used for indoor and outdoor concrete resurfacing projects, and can be used on a variety of surfaces, providing the homeowner with endless possibilities for home improvement.






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