The Biggest Mistakes In Kitchen Decoration

Everyone tends to have a beautifully decorated home. When it comes to kitchens, the number one rule is to always carefully select high quality cabinets that will stand the daily handling on long terms.

And when it comes to kitchen appliances such as oven, freezer, dishwasher, microwave oven and so on, just follow the same rule – more quality stuff you have, longer and better they will serve you. These long-term investments are always viable, and we now can offer you a few tips on arranging and decorating the kitchen.

Yes: Choose the cabinets that are fun and creative
No: Do not be monotonous

Best kitchens have a “soul”, and they are warm and pleasant to the eye. So make sure that the kitchen units are not uniformed, and even they may be in a cheerful color. Feel free to play around with details, but do not overdo it. The most important thing is that you feel comfortable in the kitchen and find it practical.

Yes: You will always be safe with white color
No: Never exaggerate with usage of the appliances in silver

Details in stainless steel can be very beautiful because they look modern. However, as with all good planning, you should know the measure. Too many such details in the kitchen will make it uneven and even smaller than it is. This is especially true for the huge fridges, as they can often overshadow the rest of the kitchen.

What is allowed and what is not

Yes: Raise the elements to the ceiling
No: Kitchen units arranged too low

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If your kitchen elements are on the floor, they will be exposed to the dust, and you will have a perfect space for collecting unnecessary things.

Yes: Set up the cooker next to the working surface
No: Set up the oven as the separate unit

Where you will put the baking you are taking out of the oven? Logically, on the nearest working surface. So make sure you have enough working space around the cooker, so you can easily handle the hot dishes without too much fuss.

Yes: Create an atmosphere of freshness
No: Never clutter the walls

Very rarely there is a need to use all walls for arranging kitchen units. Leave some space free of decorations and furniture and try to create the balance between functionality and esthetic. You will be surprised how empty space can visually make your kitchen more spacious.

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